Full Programme graphics for the Channel News Asia Documentary, "Cyberpunk'd".
The Documentary focuses on the increasing threat of cyber crimes, and aims to educate viewers on how they can protect themselves and their data.

Opening Title
Dadaism STLYE Graphics
Stopmotion Graphics
Client: CNA Television channel
Producer (CNA): Shanmuga Sundaram
Writer (CNA): Mihir
Producer / Props: Casie

Art Direction / Style Frames Design: Tham Chee Yoong, Jared Tay
Asst. of Style Frame Design(InProgramme graphics): Lydia Xuan, Eleosia Charistalay
Storyboard :Jared Tay, Lydia Xuan, Eleosia Charistalay
Lead Compositor: Tham Chee Yoong, Jared Tay
Asst Compositor: Reynaldo Saputra, Eleosia Charistalay, Wong Guan Jie, Tan Yiling, Andy Ooi,
3D Animation: Jared Tay, Tham Chee Yoong
Stopmotion Animators / Camera Assistant  : Jared Tay, Reynaldo Saputra, Tham Chee Yoong,
Asst Stopmotion:  Brandon Khoo, Andy Ooi

Produced at Riot creative studio

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