Syfe (2023)

In this self-initiated branding project, I embraced the challenge of reimagining Syfe's visual identity and brand positioning. Syfe is renowned for its personalised and hassle-free investment solutions.

The project's core objective is to enhance Syfe's brand presence, connect emotionally with its target audience, and uphold its values of reliability, professionalism, precision, and sophistication.

To achieve this, I developed a distinctive monogram logo using the company's initials. The logo's clean and modern geometric shapes reflect Syfe's professionalism and precision. This design aims to strengthen the company's identity and appeal to its discerning clientele.

The logo design incorporates geometric shapes to form the company's initial, resulting in a distinctive and memorable representation of the brand.

The use of geometric shapes signifies precision and technology's influence on Syfe's investment strategies. The sleek lines and modern aesthetic reflect the company's contemporary approach while the balanced and weighty design evokes stability, order, and trust, aligning with Syfe's commitment to consistency. 

By incorporating overlapping shapes in the logo design, it adds visual interest and depth to the composition, symbolising connectivity and synergy. These overlapping shapes represent how everything works together seamlessly to deliver exceptional financial solutions.
Colour Palette
The colour palette has shades of deep blue, symbolising trust, growth, and prosperity. Additionally, an accent colour is introduced that brings vibrancy and energy to the brand, reflecting Syfe's commitment to being approachable and customer centric.

Typography plays a vital role in the brand's persona, where a sophisticated and easily legible font complements the logo and overall design. It ensures a professional appearance across all communication channels and materials.

Short animation

The story follows a sphere as the main character, who unlocks a pandora box revealing a world of geometric shapes representing possibilities. The sphere explores various categories, propelled upward by its aspirations. It comes to a centered stop, surrounded by balls symbolizing financial goals. Achievements are marked as the sphere taps each ball. It transforms into a line graph, depicting progress enabled by investments, transitioning to the next scene. The scene expands, revealing detailed aspirations and goals. A doorway emerges, offering a path to a brighter future, which the sphere ventures through.

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